Owning a real estate in New Cairo is a good way to make money. This is because real estate differs from most other kinds of business, in the sense that, you do not necessarily need to buy low and sell high before you make a profit in it. Real estate covers a landed property and all that is on the piece of land. 


There are many reasons why investing in real estate beats most other kinds of businesses. They include:


A. RENT: This is income received for owning a landed property. Tenants who use a property are expected to pay an amount for as long as they make use of that land or property for business or residential purposes.


B. LOW RISK: Between buying stock and buying property, buying stock is the more risky of the two. When a business closes, the stock you own becomes worthless and a mere piece of paper. Properties on the other hand have remained valuable despite witnessing various wars and economic recessions. Given time, its value always returns.


C. APPRECIATION: You can buy real estate or property at a low price through good negotiation skills and sell it when it appreciates. For instance, you may buy a house that is about to be foreclosed and sell it at a fair market price.


D. LEVERAGE: You may buy a house on mortgage and pay probably pay only 20% of the value as down payment. It does not stop you from collecting a full rent from your tenants. You now realize that you are leveraging on the mortgaged house.


E. LOANS: It is quite easy for a bank to advance you a loan based on your ownership of landed property. This way, you still own your property and have enough cash to invest in another business.


F. TOTAL CONTROL: When you buy stocks for instance, a lot has to do with the stock broker; with real estate, you are the one in absolute control so long as your mortgage is duly paid. You may decide to increase rent for instance, without needing the approval of anyone. You may also decide to sell at any point in time your real estate


G. BREAKING DOWN A PROPERTY: If you purchase a large expanse of land, you may increase the value by breaking it up into smaller units. By dividing it and selling it, you realize that you make good profit. Let us say you bought 2 plots of land together for 1 million Egyptian Pounds; you may decide to sell a plot for eight hundred thousand Egyptian Pounds. Both of them will give you a healthy gain of six hundred thousand Egyptian Pounds.



There are many more benefits of owning real estate. The time to invest in real estate in New Cairo is now. Real estate means different things depending on how you view it. If you are thinking of money in your pockets now, you have the option of buying a house about to be foreclosed and sell it for a healthy gain now. If on the other hand you want to keep it for a long time, you will receive rental income as long as you own it. 


With the listed benefits, the time to take action is now.